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Robert H Whittaker. PDF fileRobert H Whittaker (19201980) The man and his work W E Westman I & R K Peet 2 i Department of Geography University of California Los Angeles CA 90024 USA 2 Department of Botany University of North Carolina Chapel Hill NC27514 USA.

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R H Whittaker enlivened many fields within ecology systematics and evolution with his insights Perhaps his most significant contributions to ecology lie in the development of the theories and methods of gradient analysis.

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In 1969 Robert H Whittaker proposed a classification of organisms in five kingdoms Such classification has survived to this day However some modifications have been made to make it more accurate The 5 kingdoms of nature He Monera kingdom is composed of primitive microscopic and unicellular organisms.

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Robert H Whittaker (1920–1980) made numerous fundamental contributions to biogeography ecology and biology Whittaker influenced succeeding generations of ecologists and this influence extended to physical geography.

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Robert Whittaker (fighter) (born 1990) Australian mixed martial artist Robert Whittaker (British Army officer) (1894–1967) British Army major Robert Whittaker (American football) (1904–1990) American football player and coach Robert Whittaker (ecologist) (1920–1980) American vegetation ecologist.